Trucendent Welcomes Sheri Perkins

Trucendent is excited to welcome 30-year industry veteran, Sheri Perkins, as our Chief Operating Officer leading the strategy and execution of Trucendent’s solution to solve the complex legacy problem of incorporating estate planning as a core competency in an advisor’s wealth planning services.

It is widely known that the current estate planning process tends to diverge from the traditional financial planning services offered by financial advisors. For the first time, with Trucendent, we have the opportunity to tear down walls and deliver a fully-integrated service that enables advisors to provide holistic wealth planning to families.

Having a deep understanding of the operating environment and ecosystem on ‘both sides of the wall’, Sheri is uniquely positioned to lead Trucendent’s efforts to break down silos and unite an advisor’s portfolio of services with estate planning.

Sheri has over three decades of wealth management experience in delivering outsourced business services, core trust and wealth management accounting platforms and digital solutions to various distribution channels including BDs, IBDs, RIAs, TAMPs, private banks and trust organizations.

She began her career with SEI, where she spent 15 years on the Private Banking & Trust side of the business in various capacities including implementations, relationship management and business development supporting several of the largest private bank and trust companies in the industry.

Sheri then spent over 5 years as a Regional Director cultivating and growing strategic partnerships with independent wealth management advisors by providing business consulting and attributing to increased AUM and profitability. Next, Sheri joined Fiserv Investment Services Division, where over the past 9 years she partnered with the largest Broker Dealers to deliver wealth management technology solutions.

Continuing her prolific career, Sheri will now direct Trucendent’s strategy to deliver an automated, process-driven technology platform that integrates estate planning, wealth transfer, and trust administration into a holistic financial planning process, placing the advisor at the center of the client engagement with access to a network of attorneys, trust administrators and wealth management solutions.

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