We understand your challenges

Financial planning processes help you manage money...
but are less effective at managing inter-generational wealth.

Those with wealth transfer experience understand the process …
but struggle to implement consistently and efficiently.

Some of you have stitched together informal networks of experts…
but it’s a painful process
to manage.

Advisors Challenges

90% to 95% of offspring leave their parents’ advisors upon receiving their inheritance.

72% of millennials report that their parents’ advisors have never attempted to provide them financial advice

67% of advisors admit that they haven’t even reached out to the “next gens”

50% of advisors do not meet with anyone beyond a spouse in a family

Will Your Clients’ Kids Freeze You Out?
How Advisors Can Stop Losing Clients’ Heirs as Clients

Our process can help


Revenue Protection
& Extension

Develop relationships with the next generation.

Trust accounts have an average lifespan of 15 years.

New Asset Capture

Clients who are beneficiaries are likely being serviced by trust companies with competing asset management services.

Those assets can be moved onto our platform, which allows you to manage the assets.


Very few advisory firms have fully implemented broad based financial planning and wealth management.

By offering this service, you distinguish your practice and protect your relationships.