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Trucendent has been named a Best in Show and a Best Disruptor finalist in the second annual Excell Advisor Tech Awards presented by Cetera.

Trucendent has been named a Best in Show and a Best Disruptor finalist in the second annual Excell Advisor Tech Awards presented by Cetera.

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“Trucendent strives to arm the financial advisor with the digital tools and expertise to retain and grow their business through estate planning and trust services.  We are proud to be recognized for our thought leadership and being a disruptor in this space.”
Sheri Perkins, Trucendent COO

The Excell Advisor Tech Awards presented by Cetera recognizes the best technology solutions that focus on helping advisors improve client service, save time or solve industry problems. The winners include new products, major product updates, added service offerings, and new features that have rolled out in the last 12 months. The awards program, which is open to Carson Group vendors, recognizes achievement in three areas:   


Best in Show 

The Best in Show winner is making a profound difference in the profession by improving the advisor or client experience with the best overall technology addition in financial services. 

Trucendent eliminates traditional roadblocks to effective and successful estate planning and generational wealth transfer for advisors by enabling them to access a vetted network of estate planning professionals, attorneys and corporate trustees through a seamless digital collaboration center. Not only can advisors tap into Trucendent’s network to address their clients’ estate planning and trust administration needs, but they can also leverage Trucendent’s recommendation engine to more effectively communicate about specific estate planning solutions with their clients. Using Trucendent, advisors can help their clients retain the legacy they’ve worked for, while engaging the next generation of wealth.

The key differentiator of Trucendent’s model is its structure, which keeps the advisor squarely at the center of their client relationships while ensuring each step of the estate planning and/or trust funding process is approved by legal experts. Advisors act as the central linchpin of the estate planning and trust administration process, with Trucendent serving as the single communication platform between advisors, clients, estate planning professionals, attorneys and corporate trust administrators. 

Best Disruptor  

The Best Disruptor winner provides game-changing technology that leaves its mark on the profession by solving a problem that’s existed for centuries – or solving a problem we didn’t even know existed. 

As the Great Wealth Transfer continues, financial advisors are under increased pressure to help their clients establish and implement estate plans and trusts. But most advisors aren’t equipped with the legal expertise and decades of experience necessary to do so successfully, which means they either: recommend a third-party estate planning attorney or trustee, risking loss of control of the relationship and assets, or try to help their clients through a DIY estate plan, which can have disastrous consequences for the family if not executed properly. Trucendent eliminates these problems entirely by connecting advisors and their clients to a vetted network of estate planning attorneys and corporate trustees via a digital collaboration platform through which estate plans and corporate trusts can be established, approved and executed.

Using Trucendent’s digital collaboration platform, the advisor remains at the center of the client relationship, facilitating the creation of estate plans and trusts with Trucendent’s network of experts. Trucendent’s unique digital model and ongoing educational resources empower the advisor to confidently and comprehensively communicate with their clients and the next generation about estate planning and trust solutions. 

“We know that having access to cutting-edge technology is critical to advisors who are tasked with helping clients navigate an increasingly complex financial landscape. This year’s nominees are positively impacting the industry and providing solutions that improve both the advisor and client experience,” said Nimesh Patel, Chief Technology Officers, Carson Group. “These companies represent innovators and disrupters in the fintech industry, and we are pleased to honor their achievements.”

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