simplifying estate planning implementation

Helping remove friction for the advisor allowing for a seamless integration of planning and implementation.

Our Solution

Connects to the next generation through a wealth transfer process that provides critical family insights

Empowers advisors to leverage the unique characteristics of a trust account to achieve their clients goals

Engages all critical parties with a cohesive experience: family members, advisors, attorneys, and trustees

Our Services

Estate Planning

Stay Competitive with
Estate Planning Attorneys on Your Side

Nurture your client-family relationships with best-in-class estate planning from our independent attorney network.

Trust Management

Manage Client Assets with Support from a Select Corporate Trustee

Deliver superior service to your clients with a vetted corporate trustee that keeps you at the center of the relationship.

how it works

Today's Experience

Reactive - Client requests drive advisors to search for ad hoc solutions that sub-optimize the experience

Reluctant - Advisors believe that they need more expertise to manage a wealth transfer process

Incomplete - True financial planning can't be achieved without fully incorporating wealth transfer

Disconnected - Current tools lack integration and cohesion with core advisor technology

Concerned - Advisors are apprehensive about partnering with trust companies that manage money

Trucendent Experience

Proactive - Prioritizing, sequencing, contextualizing client conversations through A. I.

Confident - Advisors maintain their role as client expert while using our platform to oversee the wealth transfer details

Holistic - Delivering a complete plan that incorporates how wealth will be used across generations

Integrated - Access Trucendent platform through familiar and existing technologies

Partnered - Advisors maintain leadership role in a partnership with attorneys and trust companies that don't compete for their clients

Recent News

BOK Financial Advisor Trust Services Now Available as Embedded Offering via Envestnet Trust Services Exchange

March 25, 2021
PR Newswire

Integration Strengthens Soon-to-Launch Platform Powered by Trucendent, Delivering One-Stop Marketplace for Enabling RIAs & Broker-Dealers to Seamlessly Create, Manage & Transfer Trust Accounts for Clients

Envestnet Launching Trust Services Exchange

March 7, 2021
The Wealth Advisor

Envestnet has announced the launch of the Envestnet Trust Services Exchange, a new solution for helping Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) and broker-dealers seamlessly utilize trust accounts to facilitate the efficient transfer of wealth from generation to generation.

Envestnet rolls out Trust Services Exchange

February 26, 2021

Envestnet advisers can manage trust and estate planning accounts for their clients' thanks to an API integration with Trucendent

Envestnet Offering Aims To Ease Estate, Trust Planning Pain

February 25, 2021
Family Wealth Report

At a time when inter-generational wealth transfer – amounting to tens of trillions of dollars – is a major theme in the industry, having efficient tools to handle the work is important.

Envestnet Joins Increasingly Crowded Digital Estate Planning Space

February 25, 2021
Wealth Management

Envestnet announced the launch of the Envestnet Trust Services Exchange this week, an initiative meant to help registered investment advisors and broker/dealers access trust and estate planning services and attorneys for clients. The platform will be fully integrated with Envestnet | MoneyGuide, Envestnet | Tamarac and other offerings within the Envestnet ecosystem, currently available to more than 105,000 advisors across 5,100 companies.

Envestnet Launches Trust Services Exchange for RIAs and BDs

February 24, 2021
Think Advisor

The seamless transfer of wealth to the next generation is a core element of financial planning for clients. The new Envestnet Trust Services Exchange platform will make it easier for RIAs and BDs to do that. The announcement comes only two days after Envestnet announced it’s building a new “personal financial ecosystem.”